Dr. Vasu Govindasamy




Doctorate in Education  

Master of Science in Speech Pathology 

Level 3 Oral Placement Therapy 

Vital Stim Certified

Certified Therapeutic Play Therapist (UK)



Training & Speciality


Vasu has nearly 30 years of experience working in private clinics, special schools and hospitals. He has experience assessing and treating speech, language and feeding disorders. Vasu has experience directing and managing therapy divisions and/or centers. He is a highly motivated, enterprising, extroverted and client-focused clinician with a strong sense of mission. Vasu is also a member of the academic and examination board of CAE, Singapore (https://cae.edu.sg/academic-and-examination-board/). 


Areas of Expertise


Vasu's experience includes working people who are medically fragile, severe disabilities, ASH, HI, DS, LDs, and other chromosomal or genetic disoders. He also has experience training and supervising speech therapists (ASHA, CFs, CFs, AHPC, interns). He has lectured in tertiary institutions and has strong marketing, public relations and fund raising experience with the ability to engage with a variety of stakeholders and cultures (domestic and international). 


Languages Spoken


English, Tamil, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Basic ASL, Italian & Signed English


Fun Fact


Vasu loves spending time outdoors and with his family.